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"Her hair the color of the moon
and scattered through with pearls.
Her skin shimmering out of the water,
catching the light and turning to diamonds.
It was not human, this creature."

(Carolyn Turgeon)

  • Daniela Rodler
  • Daniela Rodler
  • Daniela Rodler
  • Daniela Rodler
  • Daniela Rodler
  • Daniela Rodler
  • Daniela Rodler
  • Daniela Rodler


  • Daniela Rodler

    Place of birth: Munich
    Acting age: 25 - 38 years
    Place of residence: Munich

    Hair: long, blond and flowing
    Colour of eyes: blue-green-grey
    Colour of skin: very fair; alabaster
    Height: 1,65 m
    Weight: 50 kg
    German clothing size: 36 (S)

    Performance: classical ballet and tap dance (Eva Frank, 1990 - 2000)
    Acting and speaking (Helmut Frye, 1994 - 1996)
    Classical singing and jazz (Delcina Stevenson; Andreas Kohn, 2011 until today)
    Swimming: Ex-competitional swimmer / Former trainer
    Diving licences: PADI Open Water Diver, PADI Advanced Freediver (Christian Redl)
    Regular training: Apnea / Mermaid style
    Breath hold (static): 3.05 min
    Distance (dynamic): 60 m
    Deepth (apnea): 10 m
    Deepth (scuba / scuba with apnea): 20 m
    Mermaid tails: SPFX-tails (built in USA) and own creations
    Working area: Film, TV, aquarium, photo, art, exhibition (salt- and freshwater, chlorinated water)
    For more information, discussion for engagement requests or bookings please get in touch with me at my contact page. I am happy to answer to all of your requests.

    Daniela Rodler
  • Munich Mermaid
    "What shall I say? I´m a classical mermaid. I constantly search for a human soul, desperately lose my heart, intensely suffer from curiosity, vainly look in the mirror, hopelessly wait for the prince but yet I gaze into the dry lands from afar. I would be doomed if I get marooned on an island of tedium."
    Daniela Rodler

    Hi, my name is Daniela Rodler and as well as to my profession as a veterinary research scientist, I am a professional mermaid performer, underwater model and actress from Munich, Germany, who can be hired for TV and movie (I already had numerous appearances in German TV / movie as actress and underwater model), aquarium, tank, photo, art, music video, commercial, exhibition, special events, such as swimming with children and charity events. I´m very proud of my international mermaid appearances in several famous public aquariums such as SEALIFE Munich, DEEP SEA WORLD AQUARIUM Edinburgh, BLUE PLANET AQUARIUM Chester, and SILVERTON CASINO Las Vegas, and some more, which has resulted in much acclaim as an underwater performer.

    I am a former competition swimmer and a PADI certified scuba- and apnea diver. For some years now, I have discovered the mermaid within myself. Hence, I felt the need to start "authentic movement training" of a true and credible mermaid. I'm ambitious to represent this kind of mythical creature as realistic as possible at full-video presentations and therefore I have practiced over years to gain a fluid, elegant and yet powerful way of diving.

    As nowdays real myths and legends are hard to find and the modern day mermaid has to make her mermaid tail herself, I have combined my diving, modelling, performing and artistic talents. I have dared to step into the underwater world because I search for exactly this kind of challenge and new experience! So do come and meet me at special events at the Munich mermaid school or watch me perform at different national and international places! In open oceans, rivers, lakes, as well as aquariums I have freedived with marine animals including sand tiger sharks, lemon sharks, stingrays, sea turtles, whale sharks, seals, and others, so all that experience makes me confident about presenting a spectacular but also an animal friendly show.

    Since 2012 I have been involved in a wonderful fantasy / time travel movie project of a very talented director, Andreas Z. Simon from Wiesbaden, Germany, and I really hope I will participate in many more exciting future underwater projects! Furthermore, if you want to shoot me without a mermaid tail, I gladly offer my services as a highly experienced and professional underwater model with a ballet background. Next to my underwater work, I have also been casted previously as an actress in various movies and other projects in German TV. Please take a look at my references.

    If you page through my website, you can view several photos and videos of me as a mermaid and underwater model - in which I have been acting or directing myself. As I have travelled widely, I am happy and delighted to participate in overseas projects.
    I possess several professional mermaid tails with matching tops. I design and make a lot of my own mermaid accessories myself and can also modify, recolour and build whole SPFX quality silicone mermaid tails myself for certain special occasions.
    Additionally, I have often been told that my natural long flowing blond hair and ivory pale skin make me look like a real sea nymph, fresh from mythology.

    Protecting the animals, oceans and nature as well as special human charity projects have priority in my mind so I have decided to work for free for handpicked organizations, events or shows. I would love to give you more information about this.

    So, if you want to work with a real mermaid please feel free to contact me! I'm happy to answer any questions. You can do this by:

    * This website at the "Contact" page
    * Facebook: Münchens Nixe (Munich Mermaid)
    * Underwater model page: www.model-kartei.de

    My agency: www.buenasdias.de
    Phone: 49 (0) 89 23 08 87-0

    Münchens Nixe Daniela


  • silverton

    2015: Guest dive as mermaid at the famous Silverton Casino Aquarium, Las Vegas, USA. Silverton Casino Aquarium is the world´s second place (after celebrated "Weeki Wachee" Springs State Park, Florida, USA) that featured live mermaids for the first time ever.

    Münchner Merkur, 21.07.2015


    2015: Spectacular photoshoots with giant whale sharks in the open Caribbean sea and mystic underwater shots inside the sacred Cenotes of Mexico. It was a truly productive, professional and successful collaboration with three of the internationally best known underwater model photographers Chris Crumley, Robert Minnick and Susan Knight.

    MUNICH MERMAID Daniela Rodler Calendar 2016


    2015: Mermaid action at the anniversary celebration of the tech diver´s professional magazine "Wetnotes". Submarine photoshoot and tech diver participation at the stone quarry lake Löbejün, Germany, with underwater photographer Joachim Lingelbach, Leipzig, Germany.

    Wir in Bayern

    2015: TV article about a day in the life of a mermaid in the magazine "Wir in Bayern" (German TV channel BR). The camera captures my show dive preparations at SEALIFE Munich, all from packing my accesoires in the morning to the exit door at the end.

    Making a splash - LMU Munich, 02.2015
    Bayerische Staatszeitung, 10.07.2015


    2015: TV appearance in the lifestyle magazine "taff" (German TV channel Pro7). I tell them how it should be like: The girls of "Germany´s Next Topmodel" and the students of the Munich mermaid school have to learn at underwater shootings how a real mermaid is supposed to perform.


    2015: TV appearance as mermaid in the show "Puls" (German TV channel BR). Moderator Sebastian Meinberg accepts an underwater bet. My job was to teach him some apnea techniques to make sure he keeps enough air in his lungs...


    2015: 4K media project with producer Jo Mais and TVN Group at SEALIFE Hannover, Germany. I got to do this special kind of shooting technique and will be featured as mermaid in 4K soon. Where? Stay tuned!


    2015: Mermaid photoshoot with the fantastic underwater photographer Uwe Schmolke at the dive tower Siegburg, Germany. I´m proud not only of our images which show some hints of Atlantis but also of my second self-made silicone mermaid tail which was tested here for the first time.


    2014: Charity event with SEALIFE Munich and the Merlin Entertainments Group for their caricatual program "Merlin´s Magic Wand" at the children´s hospital Harlaching, Germany. A new playroom for the young patients has been built here and I was lucky enough to spread a little mermaid magic at the inauguration...

    Süddeutsche Zeitung, 10.12.2014
    Abendzeitung-Muenchen.de, 10.12.2014


    2014: Dry mermaid gig at an annual event of Sony Music Entertainment taking place at the Eisbach Studios Munich. With a seafaring theme, a mermaid mustn´t be missing of course, and I had a lot of fun with this year´s stars of the music scene!


    2014: What a wonderful home experience in autumn! I´m very proud to have pleased the visitors of the renowned Munich SEALIFE Aquarium, diving inside the great "ocean tank"! Reports on my dive were made by the German TV channels ZDF, BR and Sat1 and the newspaper "Münchner Merkur". Next to dealing with fantastic aquarium staff I was able to become friends with the nurse shark Bonnie, the guitar shark Angus and the sea turtle Gonzales.

    Münchner Merkur, 08.08.2014
    Sealife Webseite, 08.08.2014


    2014: Photoshooting at a Caribbean beach with Grenada´s famous model photographer Oliver A. B. Lewis in St. George´s, Grenada, West Indies.

    Calendar GTM Group Grenada 2015

     Deep Sea World

    2014: "Scotland´s first mermaid" is back! Again this year I performed for several days in underwater shows with the big sand tiger sharks in the tunnel tank and the tropical "rock pool" of the Deep Sea World Aquarium Edinburgh, during the Edinburgh Festival in Scotland.

    Dunfermline press, 30.07.2014
    Deep Sea World Website

    SEALIFE Fotoshooting

    2014: Mermaid model photoshoot with underwater photographer Andreas Scholer in the various beautiful tanks at Munich SEALIFE Aquarium, Germany.


    2014: River photoshoot as mermaid in the crystal clear waters of Three Sisters Spings, Florida, USA, with Captain Wayne White.

    Bild der Frau - Glücklicher leben, 03.07.2015


    2014: The famous German quarterly diving magazine "DIVEMASTER" (No. 80) has printed a 4 page interview about my life and my experiences as an underwater model and mermaid.

    DIVEMASTER, Nr. 80; 02/2014


    2014: Taken during a photoshoot in a stone quarry lake for the new underwater model photography calendar 2015 of Joachim Lingelbach, Leipzig, Germany. My first self-made silicone mermaid tail did its first glorious job here. Additional job: glass tank shots with art photographer Matthias Hellebrandt, Bad Köstritz, Germany

    Flyer UW Calendar 2015
    Bild der Frau, 21.11.2014
    BILD Halle, 19.06.2014
    BILD München, 16.06.2014

    mieten, kaufen, wohnen

    2014: What happens, if a mermaid seeks a home? Or should it rather be an aquarium? This question is solved in a wet episode of the German house-hunting TV show "mieten, kaufen, wohnen" (TV channel VOX) from May 19th, 2014.
    Watch here

    Magictail Day

    2014: Performance as professional mermaid at German "Magictail Day 2014" filmed by the TV news show "Hallo Deutschland" (TV channel ZDF). This was my first opportunity to present my new self-made SPFX silicone mermaid tail with matching top in public.


    2013 / 2014: Caribbean ocean photoshoot with Howard Clarke, chairman of the Grenada underwater sculpture park management. As apnea diving mermaid I give a visit to "Christ of the Deep", the old and new "Circle of children" (seen above), "Sienna, the praying woman" and the "Lost correspondent". They are overgrown with corals and wait for divers on their silent sea floor home.


    2013: Several performance shows as mermaid at the Blue Planet Aquarium Chester, UK, together with big sand tiger sharks and stingrays in the tropical underwater tunnel main tank (Caribbean reef exhibit).

    Ellesmere Port Pioneer, 30.10.2013
    Liverpool Echo, 22.10.2013
    Orange News - www.web.orange.co.uk, 23.10.2013
    Weser Kurier, 22.10.2013
    Direct Matin, 22.10.2013
    Chester Chronicle, 14.10.2013
    The Standard, 10.10.2013


    2013: Performance as professional mermaid at the "1st German mermaiding day" filmed by the TV channels ZDF / KiKa. I gave an interview, answer questions and was a judge for the "Young mermaid talent contest 2013".

    Münchner Merkur, 23.09.2013
    Münchner Merkur, 04.09.2013
    Münchner Merkur, 03.08.2013


    2013: Mermaid performance at the 75th anniversary of the public safety divers of the Munich municipal fire brigade.

    Landeshauptstadt München, 16.09.2013

    Diver´s Indoor Tauchzentrum München

    2013: Photoshoot with Michael Goldschmidt, chief editor of the famous German online dive magazine www.unterwasserwelt.de, at the indoor dive center Munich.

    www.unterwasserwelt.de (PDF)

    Steinbruchsee Löbejün

    2013: Photoshoot with underwater photographers Joachim Lingelbach and Andreas Scholer at the stone quarry lake Löbejün, Leipzig, Germany, dedicated to the theme "Atlantis". Photo editing by Matthias Hellebrandt.

    Aquarium Edinburgh

    2013: Several performance shows as mermaid at the Deep Sea World Aquarium Edinburgh, UK, together with big sand tiger sharks in the underwater tunnel main tank (main exhibit), filled by local very cold Scottish sea water.

    Scottish Daily Express, 02.08.2013
    The Courier, 02.08.2013
    The Scottish SUN, 02.08.2013
    www.deepseaworld.com - Events, 02.08.2013
    www.deepseaworld.com - Home, 02.08.2013

    Aquarium USA

    2013: Guest performance as mermaid in the tropical tank (coral reef exhibit) of a renowned public aquarium in the USA.


    2013: Charity event "In touch with a mermaid" where mentally disabled young divers had the chance to swim with me as mermaid. Organized by the dive school "Yeti divers Wittlich" and the adults association for disabled children (registered society), at Vitellius public pool, Wittlich, Germany.

    Trierischer Volksfreund, 03.05.2013
    "Yeti Divers Respekt mit Arielle am 28. April 2013 in Wittlich ", www.hendrikinaegypten.blogspot.de, 01.05.2013
    Trierischer Volksfreund, 24.04.2013
    "Die »Respekt!« Initiative taucht ab", www.respekt.tv, 30.04.2013
    Wittlicher Wochenspiegel, 10.04.2013


    2013: Little mermaid show in the red mobile tank of the Munich municipal fire brigade at the outdoor, travel and dive mess "f.re.e Munich", Germany.

    Landeshauptstadt München (www.muenchen.de), 22.02.2013
    Oberpfalznetz (www.o-netz.de), 22.02.2013


    2013 / 2014: Acceptance to sing in the small choir cast at the original movie symphony concert "Walt Disney's Pirates of the Caribbean 2" (2013) and "Pirates of the Caribbean 3 - At world´s end" (2014) with five shows in April 2013 and April 2014 in the Munich Philharmonic, Germany (conductor Helmut Imig). I admit, this is a rather "dry event" for an underwater model but at least a wonderful opportunity to use my singing voice in a mermaid related theme.

    Abendzeitung, 15.04.2013
    Süddeutsche Zeitung, 02.02.2013

    2012: Diving as Christmas angel and mermaid for the charity event "Christmas under water" held by the Yeti Diver´s school, Wittlich, dedicated to the German Red Cross´ work for disabled children.

    Trierischer Volksfreund, 07.11.2012
    Süddeutsche.de, 03.12.2012
    Trierischer Volksfreund, 04.12.2012
    Wochenspiegel, Dezember 2012
    Wochenspiegel Region Trier, Dezember 2012
    Mittelmosel Nachrichten, Ausgabe 47/2012


    2012: Corporate video as mermaid and model for the "fairy tale hotel" Bernkastel-Kues, Germany.

    www.genuss.de, 10.09.2013


    2012: Diverse film- and photoshoots at the sea and pool with underwater photographer Andreas Scholer and cameraman Michael Grande on the island of Tenerife, Spain.
    Other mermaid sessions were performed by model photographer Oliver Lewis and Peter Abrahams (UK) in Grenada, West Indies.

    Trierischer Volksfreund, 17.06.2015

    Wein- und Fischhaus

    2012: Promotion model for a wine and fish restaurant. Furthermore I directed my first underwater video, shot on the island of Tenerife, Spain.

    Zeitschrift: Mermaid & Mythology

    2012: My photo was featured in the UK magazine "Mermaids & Mythology", edited by Karen Kay (Issue 5, p. 50)

    Spielfilm T = E/x²
    Spielfilm T = E/x²

    2012: Cast for a wonderful role in the independent movie "T = E/x²", directed by Andreas Z. Simon, Wiesbaden, Germany. Starring: Jasmin Wagner and Mario Ganss.
    More information (in German) at www.texfilm.de or Facebook: T=E/x²

    Wiesbadener Kurier, 10.01.2013
    Wiesbadener Tagblatt, 08.01.2013
    Offenbach Post, 27.12.2012


    2009: Beginning of my apnea training and mermaid style diving in different public pools in Munich, Germany. I got precious help from the German lifesaving society, Munich.


    2003-2004: Acting as a model (here: "Ophelia"; location: Munich river Isar) to the famous German oil painter and film/opera stage designer Henning von Gierke, Munich, Germany. This oil painting is listed in his book "Goldener Strom", Prestelverlag 2009.

    Manfred Saga

    2008: Acting as a model to the artist Manfred Saga, Munich, Germany.


    1994: First mermaid shooting at the Caorle beach, Italy.


    1987-1993: Competitional swimmer and posterior trainer at the swimming club "Fuerstenfeldbrucker Wasserratten e.V.", Munich, Germany.
  • Collage

    Title Channel Year Director Production Cast
    T=E/x² (in production) tba 2013 Andreas Z. Simon BSB Film / Andreas Z. Simon Still a secret!
    Dinner for one Shortfilm 2009 Christopher Schneider Macromedia Hochschule Miss Sophie
    Die Rosenheim Cops ZDF 2008 Günther Krää Bavaria Film Carla Brandl
    Wieder daheim ARD 2006 Walter Bannert Annabelle Film Jane
    Der Alte ZDF 2005 Walter Giesmayr Helmut Ringelmann Sr. Waltraud
    Zwei am großen See II / III / V ARD 2004/2005 Walter Bannert Annabelle Film Leni
    Freunde, das Leben geht weiter Pro 7 2005 Maren Pape Tresor TV Charlotte
    Abschlussklasse 2004 Pro 7 2004 Werner Högel Tresor TV Petra
    Bibi Blocksberg II Cinema 2003 Franziska Buch Constantin Film Witch
    Polizeiruf 110 ARD 2003 Manfred Stelzer Hofmann & Voges Entertainment Physician
    Im Namen des Herrn ZDF 2003 Dominik Graf TV-60 Filmproduktion Physician
    Soko 5113 ZDF 2002 Bodo Schwarz UFA Physician
    Lenßen und Partner Sat 1 2002 Herbert Bayer Constantin Entertainment Patricia Vogert


Music video of the famous German band "Münchner Freiheit" with their hit song "Mehr MeerGefühl" - August 2015

I´m so excited and happy to work together with the Germany-wide famous band "Münchner Freiheit", based in Munich. This video shows a first result of this collaboration. In its special edition of the hit song "Meergefühl" ("Ocean feeling") it combines hot summer beats and cool sea shots. Be sure to watch it!

"Daniela in the Mexican Cenotes" - August 2015

Small video clip about the mystic clear waters of the Mexican Cenotes at the Yucatán Peninsula. I warm up for my photoshoot and learn about the caves and rocks while diving. As a mermaid I always dreamed to find the Mayan gate to the underworld...

BR (German TV channel) "Wir in Bayern" - May 2015

A day in the life of a show mermaid! Who closely wants to experience what it takes to prepare for an underwater event, is exactly right at this TV report. Authentic, private, and unsealed I present my preparations for a show at SEALIFE Munich.

Pro7 (German TV channel) "taff" - April 2015

A beautiful report about the "stumbling blocks" in underwater modelling. What supposed to look so easy on me as a pro mermaid, the girls of "Germany´s Next Topmodel" as well as the students of the Munich mermaid school still have to fight very hard for. But: Never give up!

BR (German TV channel) "Puls", cut - April 2015

"The magic cube and the shark tank": I help moderator Sebastian to win a bet. He has to put together a Rubik´s cube. Underwater! To make sure he has enough air for doing this, I teach him apnea techniques. Will he win the bet?

1TV.Ru "www.1TV.Ru" (Russian TV channel), small cut - March 2015

A report about professional mermaids and wannabes in Russian television! Being mentioned together with famous Australian pro mermaid Hannah Fraser is better than wodka!

ZDF (German TV channel) "Mona Lisa" - September 2014

"Extraordinary job – diving as mermaid": The German TV lifestyle magazine "ML mona lisa" highlighted my double career both as a scientist and a mermaid. A life between two worlds, but only both of them make my life complete!

DW (Germany´s international TV program) "Germany today" - August 2014 (English version!!!)

"Mermaid and Sharks": The German TV channel BR provided a remarkable report about my adventures and experiences as a mermaid and shot me diving with sea turtle Gonzales and various sharks at the Munich SEALIFE Aquarium.

Sat1 (German TV channel) "Sat1 Bayern" - August 2014

"Mermaid enchants Bavaria": The Bavarian regional news reported about my first public show dive at Munich SEALIFE Aquarium.

ZDF (German TV channel) "Hallo Deutschland", small cut - March 2014

My guest performance as professional mermaid at Magictail Day 2014 in Freiburg, Germany (Magictail is a German spandex mermaid tail producer) was appreciated very much not least by the strong men who carried me on a surfboard into the show which has now become a tradition.

"Mermaid & Aquarium friends, USA" - September 2013

A very special and playful mermaid video shot at a renowned public aquarium in the USA. It was originally thought to be a mermaid diving showreel. But I have never had a better experience with nurse sharks, stingrays and huge fishes. It was the first time that I was able to call a sea turtle my real friend! Simply the best thing that could happen to any mermaid!

KiKA (German children´s TV channel) "Kika live" - September 2013

KiKA moderators Ben and Jess attended the "Most talented young mermaid contest 2013" at the 1st German Mermaiding Day in Bad Wiessee, Germany. As an invited professional mermaid guest I worked as a judge, swung my fins for a little show and gave an interview. Pure fun!

"Deep Sea World´s Mermaid" - August 2013

A small video clip made by the Deep Sea World Aquarium Edinburgh. It expressed sincere appreciation for my underwater appearance and is also a delightful memory of my Scottish National Aquarium days!

"Mermaid & Sharks at Deep Sea World Aquarium" - August 2013

As publicly announced "Scotland´s first mermaid" I was especially honored to dive together with seven sand tiger sharks in the main tank of Deep Sea World Aquarium Edinburgh, UK (Scotland´s National Aquarium). It was challenge and joy to enchant their visitors for several days. An exciting adventure in the nordic icy sea water, filmed by my wet-suited safety divers!

"In touch with a mermaid" - April 2013

A video about my mermaid performance at an affectionate and extensive charity event for mentally disabled children which was also visited by healthy children, divers and guests. It was hosted by the Yeti Divers Wittlich, Elternkreis behinderter Kinder e.V. and other sponsors and was located at the Vitellius public pool Wittlich, Germany. Main organizer Werner Lamberti was decorated by the German initiative "Respekt", an organization fighting racism and discrimination.

"Mermaid model at work" - January 2013

A small view into my photo- and video shootings in 2012. Shooting places were the Caribbean Sea off Grenada, West Indies, the Atlantic off Tenerife, Spain and a public pool in Bernkastel Kues, Germany. Have fun to watch this colorful mixture of my underwater adventures! It always takes hard work and lots of preparation, but I simply love this job!

"Fairy tale hotel Bernkastel-Kues", commercial video - November 2012

What could possibly happen if you check in at this magical fairy tale hotel located at the river Mosel, Germany, you can retrace in this video!

"Atlantic Dream" - by Daniela Rodler - October 2012

It´s an old habit to dream of the ocean. But I don´t dream of it, the sea is my home. I dream of somebody. You meet someone, you dance and you always hope that it would be forever… (This is a video project I directed, acted in, composed music with the opera singer and mentor Andreas Kohn and arranger Peter Schmid, and sang some of the siren sounds).

"Christmas Underwater" - December 2012

...of course with all participants like Santa Claus, Santa's servant Ruprecht, Christmas divers, and me as mermaid. Little Christmas video clip, dedicated especially to my underwater collegues.

SAT1 (German TV channel) "SAT1 LIVE" - December 2012

TV report about the charity event "Christmas tree under water", organized for the benefit of the German Red Cross´ work for disabled children in Bernkastel Kues, Germany. I also performed there as an underwater Christmas angel.

Cinema clip - December 2012

A video clip advertising our charity event "Christmas tree under water" for the benefit of the German Red Cross´ social work for disabled children in Bernkastel Kues, Germany. This event, complemented by my double performance as mermaid and underwater Christmas angel was covered by various TV channels, newspapers and was displayed in Rhineland-Palatinate cinemas.

SWR (German TV channel) "SWR Landesschau" - December 2012

Report about our dress rehearsal of the charity event "Christmas tree under water!" for the benefit of the German Red Cross´ social work for disabled children in Bernkastel Kues, Germany. Technical details had to be checked as well. My task: not to lose my wings as floating underwater Christmas angel!

"t=E/x²" – Timetravel movie (Teaser) with Jasmin Wagner and Mario Ganss

This German independent fantasy movie with the exeptional title "t=E/x²", directed and written by Andreas Simon, deals with the matter of time and the problems with it. Two people, trapped in a time warp have to learn to extend time and therefore become savers of the time base themselves. Estimated release will be in 2015.
Sounds complicated? It is. But if it was easy to explain no movie would be neccessary. Director, actors and team have only one goal: to make a fantasy movie that differs.

My cast in the movie: as guess what? (www.neurotainment.tv)

"MERMAID Trailer" - August 2012

This clip was filmed by Peter Abrahams at different locations in the Caribbean Sea off Grenada, West Indies. I meet a beautiful black-white manta. Further, this video can be regarded as a diver´s random encounter with a mermaid. He just carries a hobby camera by chance but intents to shoot epic things with it. Inspired by a true story…
A real movie preview? Who knows, interested directors please call me!

Showreel Daniela Rodler (Movie and TV work as actress)

A classical showreel in German which contains some scenes from my movie and TV work. It shows my activities as an actress "at land".


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